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Offering Expertise In A Wide Range Of Specialty International Services. IKG is a global service provider finding turnkey solutions for the Global Corporate needs
Birds have wings; they’re free; they can fly where they want when they want. They have the kind of mobility many people envy.
Roger Tory Peterson

IKG Global Consultants

IKG has over 10 years of experience in the corporate relocation and is incorporated in United States, United Kingdom and Singapore.


In today’s business ecosystem, doing business globally is the smartest way to build a stable business, as it diversifies the stream of revenue from different markets.    Navigating through unfamiliar regulations, social/cultural customs and new surroundings can be a stressful and frustrating.

Learning about and becoming familiar with new culture, language, schools, financial, medical, and jurisdictional systems and regulations can be challenging.

When you send a key employee on international assignment – or relocate someone across the country – you need the employee to be ready to give immediate and full attention to the company and the work the employee is tasked to do.

You expect a flawless transition to allow your employee to focus on the challenges of the job NOT the challenges of the relocation.

IKG provides PEACE OF MIND – for you and for your employee.

IKG Global Consultants provide a full range of expert destination and relocation services.

The IKG Global consultant provides the local, hands-on experience and expertise needed to assure the employee quickly acclimates to the new environment and is not distracted from focusing on the company and the business.

We assist the accompanying spouse and other family members to easily settle-in and acclimate to their surroundings.

Every customized Destination Services program provides a full range of destination and relocation services. These services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each employee and accompanying family member to ensure a successful relocation and provide PEACE OF MIND.

Meet Iram Ganju

President and chief executive officer of IKG Global Consultants, LLC.

IKG Global Consultants is headquartered in NY with regional offices in London and Singapore was established in 2007. IKG Global Consultants’ services are inclusive of relocation services/destination services, global payroll management, duty of care consulting, and global leadership development/training. Together with a pool of consultants spanning the U.S. and around the globe, Iram guarantees safe and secure transitions for her diversified industries’ corporate clients. She orchestrates global mobility services to employees/expatriate, lone women/senior/LBGT travelers and while coordinating duty of care protocols for corporations around the world.

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Meet Karen Booker

Executive VP Operations

Karen Booker is one of those individuals who seem able to build relationships, trust, and rapport with almost anyone, and then are able to broker the relationships and make connections between people, creating dynamic partnerships and alliances, and motivating forward momentum to ‘get things done.’ ‘Getting things done’ and driving results—through collaboration, partnerships, and relationships,—Karen, as a senior manager in a major local government agency and an organizational analyst, is what she is all about. With an enthusiastic and genuinely friendly attitude, Karen radiates a sincere passion for delivering value and benefits to his clients.

With more than three decades of analytical, operational and management experience, Karen has developed a sharp eye for how businesses get inflated with inefficiencies, inconsistencies and miscommunication — and how they can restructure for an agile, sleeker, strategically focused organization. As an entrepreneur who strategically built her own successful consulting business, she also thoughtfully helps other business owners set priorities and create the balance they want between life and work. Having join the IKG Global Consultants team recently as EVP of Operations, Karen’s talents are critical for the evolution of IKG Global Consultants into a holistic mobility resource solution enterprise in the global mobility ecosystem.

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What Clients say about IKG?

Iram has comprehensive experience in the areas of International Business Development, and Organizational Development including complex raw material supply chain expertise.

Michael Koganov, Sc.D., Ph.D. , Vice President BioMaterials at Ashland Specialty Ingredients

I’ve know Iram for the past few years. She has provided nothing short of spectacular professional service. She’s always cheerful on the other end of the phone and always there to provide solutions to any specific challenges that arise. I highly recommend Iram and look forward to our next transferee.

Steven Gershman

IKG Global Consultants, LLC, has provided professional services to our organization for over a year. We are extremely pleased and satisfied with their service delivery, reliability, and professionalism.”

Chief Manager of International Business for a global healthcare organization

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IKG Global provides a full range of expert services. We thrive to meet the specific needs of each organization with tailored programs to ensure a successful ROI.


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