Area Orientation

Helping your employees getting familiar with their new location

  • A personalized itinerary is prepared by the local IKG Global Consultant
  • Guided tour of specific areas and neighborhoods for consideration
  • Information on local shopping, recreation, restaurants, arts/leisure,
  • Provide area maps
    Understanding and being familiar with the new destination provides the employee with addtional insights provided by the knowledgeable, expe- rienced local IKG Global Consultant and will allow for a smooth transition.
    Home-Finding Assistance
  • Identify employee’s housing needs including budget, type of housing, purchase or rental properties, furnished or unfurnished, size and other specific requirements to begin the search for appropriate properties
  • Provide information on local real estate practices, market conditions and pricing to set appropriate expectations for the home search
  • Accompanied home search with experienced local consultant and knowledgeable, trustworthy realtors experienced in international and
    domestic relocation
  • Assistance in lease negotiations to protect the interests of the prospec-
    tive tenant/employee and to explain lease terms, risks and obligations
  • Accompanied walkthrough inspection to identify any potential
    concerns or issues at or just prior to move-in
  • Assistance in utility set-up
  • It is the goal of IKG and the local IKG Global Consultant to ensure the employee will find safe, secure and acceptable housing in an area that will allow the employee to feel “at home” in this new environment.
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