Settling-In Services

Helping expats settle down at foreign location
  • Provide pre-departure preparation to ensure all documents, information, questions are addressed and discussed prior to final relocation to set appropriate expectations upon arrival.
  • Assist with governmental registrations and requirements including Social Security number application and obtaining a state driver’s license
  • Assist with banking and establishing a US Credit History
  • Accompanied school visits and assistance with school registration and requirements
  • Assist in automobile lease or purchase
  • Provide insurance options for home and auto
  • Provide information on local transportation, arts and culture, sports and recreation, volunteer organizations,
    places of worship, shopping and restaurants, purchasing or leasing furniture, and other services including mail
    pet and domestic
  • Address emergency services information, medical/dental options and security/safety concerns
  • Provide information and assistance to meet specific needs or interests of each employee.

The local IKG Global Consultant is a valuable resource to answer questions, provide information and assistance in each area required by the employee to ensure a smooth and successful relocation.

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