The Most Important Trip for Men is Meeting Women Halfway

AUGUST, 2016

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Ms. Iram Ganju is President/CEO of IKG Global Consultants, a full-service agency providing international and domestic relocation services, intercultural training for expatriating executives, families and organizations for pre-departure and re-entry, destination services, human resource services, global payroll management and supply chain management, with offices in US, UK and Singapore.

Women’s empowerment is advocated in America, but why is it so hard to achieve?

American women are publicly encouraged to succeed from both government institutions and private enterprise. President Barack Obama said, “Across the globe there are girls who will one day lead nation, if only we afford them the chance to choose their own destinies.” Sheryl Sandberg advocates for women; to “lean in.” Yet, according to the Pew Research Center, during and immediately after the State of the Union address, in which the word “women” was mentioned 82, 853 times — more than any other word — the overall reaction to his speech on Twitter was negative .

I can’t help but wonder, if women are not achieving social and economic parity with men in the Anglo Cluster Countries (USA, Canada, Australia, England, and New Zealand) is it any wonder they fall short of equality elsewhere too in places like China, India and the Middle East? What’s preventing women from achieving socio economic rights?

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