Three Words Duty-of-Care and what does this actually mean to the Global business owners and Multinational organizations


AUGUST, 2016

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Ms. Iram Ganju is President/CEO of IKG Global Consultants, a full-service agency providing international and domestic relocation services, intercultural training for expatriating executives, families and organizations for pre-departure and re-entry, destination services, human resource services, global payroll management and supply chain management, with offices in US, UK and Singapore.

I would sum Duty of Care into two words ― Preparedness – Plan

Develop a Preparedness Plan for securing the safety of all you cross border travelers and overseas workforce. The preparedness plan is for having the employee understand the protocol when some unforeseen circumstances occur. A road accident, theft, health issues , incident relating to unawareness of the cultural norms or may be lack of legal knowledge of the jurisdictional laws, whether it’s employment related, Tax laws or chewing gum in Singapore.

Globalization is the trend of the day; it is the progression by which the world is becoming closer and is created enormous increase in trade and cultural exchange. Many national companies have grown into major multinational corporations with their presence in many countries. Though globalization helping to create more prosperity around the world, the issue remains the world is not as safe as it used to be, so be proactive with the approach of Preparing the workforce.

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