Medical Assistance Services for Expatriates

Taking care of medical emergencies of your employees at foreign land

Managing medical conditions away from home can be challenging. Becoming seriously ill or injured in a foreign country is terrifying.

IKG Global Consultants offer Medical Assistance Services for your employees on international assignment.  

Establishing day-to-day health care for the international assignee :

  • Doctors: general practitioners, OB/GYN, pediatricians, and other specialists
  • Local hospitals, radiology, laboratories, and pharmacies
  • Insurance policies and payments
  •  Medical documentation needed by local doctors including emergency information
  • Local health safety considerations Understanding local emergency procedures to expedite immediate assistance for the ill or injured employee or family member

Our experienced local IKG Global Consultant support team ensures precious hours will not be wasted trying to determine what to do in an emergency by:

  • Scheduling in-home doctor visits
  • Assisting with off-hours emergency trips to the hospital
  • Arranging around-the-clock medical care
  • Managing paperwork for emergency services and emergency evacuation procedures,
  • including delivery of documentation to the evacuation destination hospital and doctors
  • Arranging ambulance service, including air ambulance for evacuation to another country
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