Women Grant Forgiveness, Men Give Permission
AUGUST, 2016

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Ms. Iram Ganju is President/CEO of IKG Global Consultants, a full-service agency providing international and domestic relocation services, intercultural training for expatriating executives, families and organizations for pre-departure and re-entry, destination services, human resource services, global payroll management and supply chain management, with offices in US, UK and Singapore.
I heard Patti Digh say once that we give up our power to the very people who took it away from us in the first place.

Who has the authority to grant permission? That depends on your culture and your perception of who’s in charge. Mostly in the West, when it comes to kids, parent(s) or the legal guardian has that power and right to justly care, manage and supervise another person in a fair and humane way, where rights are pretty much protected. Yet, in some Eastern cultures where men are traditionally in positions of power and authority have this right, not only over children but also over adult women. I don’t believe this is an equitable distribution of power, nor is it a helpful attitude in developing nations where many factors already put women and children at a disadvantage.

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